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I'VE MOVED MY BLOG!!!!!!!! [23 Feb 2003|04:16pm]
Because I find that LJ doesn't give enough freedom for layouts, I've moved my blog to Pitas... it can now be found here:

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lonely.... so lonely...... T.T [16 Feb 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm bored, and all my friends aren't home so pointless update!:

Water Goddess
Water Goddess. You like peace and serenity and are
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I'm not annoying. At all. Yay!
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Wow... SOMEONE actually thinks I'm normal... Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohohohohohohohoho!!!!!!!! ^^

FUNNY OTAKU.      You like a good laugh. Who doesn't? You love to have fun, even if the others don't relize your good intentions. Keep it up! Everyone loves you!

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WISDOM TEETH SUCK!!!!!! [14 Feb 2003|10:57am]
[ mood | sore ]

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth surgically removed. It was kinda wierd...

I got onto the operating table, and they put this needle in my had, and then the guy started pumping in anesthetic. I started to feel kinda woozy, and I was starting to get giddy when suddenly...

I heard this nurse saying that my surgery was over... I was in the recovery room, and I just was so lost and confused. ^^"

Anywhoo... I got my many many MANY medicines and then I went home to lie in bed and put ice all around my face to keep it from swelling up like a chipunk with cheeks full of nuts! Well.. it turns out that the surgery went well, and I recover quickly, so there is minimal swelling, though that doesn't mean that I'm not off the hook yet...

Now that it's one day after the surgery, I have to take this wierd large plastic syringe thing and clean out the holes in my mouth with salt water and some wierd solution. Then I have to take 4 antibiotic pills a day, and take anti-inflammatory pills every 4-6 hours!!!! ON TOP OF THAT I CAN'T EAT!!!!! MY FAVOURTIED PASTTIME IS GONE!!!!!! *cries*

So here I am, sitting in front of the computer with somewhat puffy cheeks, and holes in my mouth, bad breath because I can't brush right/ use mouth wash, and I have to go clean my mouth with gross and nasty antibiotic cleaners from a syringe, but only after I've taken my pills, and rinsed it with salt water...

Geez... all this, and the most painfull thing (in my opinion is that I can't eat!!!!! *wails*

Well... on my pain scale, I have to put wisdom teeth surgery several miles below math class / math homework... Ta ta.... ^^"

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YOHOO!!!!! [10 Feb 2003|10:49am]
[ mood | rushed ]

Eeeeeeeeks! I'm very VERY overworked at lunch at school now adays! I mean... today I had:

- Creative Writing Club (Which I haven't attended for weeks)

- Model U.N. Club

- Journalism (Credit course that runs at lunch - Newspaper)

Geez! I had to be at three places at the same time! So what did I do? I sacrificed Journalism for Writing Club, then I went to U.N., but it was over! So I went back to Journalism for the last 20 minutes of class... *sigh*

Today in gym it wasn't much better... stupid Ivy and Tanvee thought that I was in love with the new gym student teacher because I had to be his partner, being the odd one out in my gym class... Though he was cute... ;) (Joking!) I'm really not liking the fact that the only people i know in my gym class are girls, not because they are girls, but because you can't play with them in some sports... Like footbnall... it's just unethical...

One of the few good moments today was in social class where Cara kept calling every place "haunted" on the video of an overview of Canada that we were watching. I kept telling her that "no place in Canada is haunted" but she kept calling everyplace evil and haunted. Then the video went to the Queen Charlotte Islands, and guess what? The video said, "This place is considered haunted by many people..." and we just laughed and laughed and laughed...

Another good thing is that I managed to steal a videotape of the first few episodes of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (a pretty good anime) from Robert (random grade 12 guy I met on the bus randomly) and I'm gonna go watch that right now! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!

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Blarg... [29 Jan 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | tired ]

~ YOU ~
What does your name mean? Christ-Bringer (I think) - Unique spelling...
How old are you? 15 years
How old are you mentally (as in are you mature)? Good day=80 (very mature) Normal Day=20(Meh...) Bad/Crazy Day (Most days) = 2
Describe yourself in 5 words. Smart-ass, unique, crazy, odd, different
What are your worst qualities? Iono...
What are your best qualities? Iono...
How long does it take you get get ready in the morning? 5-10 minutes... eheheh...

Do you dream at night? Sometimes.
Do you remember your dreams? Most of them!
Describe one. It was black...
What time do you go to bed usually? Weekdays=9:30-10:30 Weekends=12:00-4:00am
What time do you wake up normally? 7:50 am
What time do you wake on weekends? 10:00-11:00
Do you find waking late nice or annoying? LOVE IT!!!!! NEEED SLEEEP!!!!!
Do you sleep with one pillow or two? Four ^^"

Do you like school? Eh...It's okay.
Why/why not? Just because...
Whats your fave subject? English
Most hated subject? MATH!!!!
Do you have a fave teacher? Nah.
Ever had a crush on a teacher? Eww.
Are you a maths/science person or an english/drama person? English/Science... eheheheh...

Do you have heaps of friends? Not really... I like to keep to several close ones... ^^
Do you have a best friend? Yup ^^
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? More guy friends.
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? Yeah.
Have you ever lied to a friend? Yeah. It was a white lie...!!
Have you ever stolen a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope. ^^"

Do you like your parents? No. I love my parents.
Ever run away from home? Nope
Ever thought about it? Oo; I think about it every now and then...
Do you have any siblings? Yup.
If so, do you like or get annoyed with them? If they're within a radius of 50 km.
How old are they? 7, 10, 12... blarg
If not, do you mind being an only child? N/A.
Do you feel your parents spoil you? No... they won't give me that gold toilet I asked for! waaaaaah :'(
Do you not get along with any of your family? Yes.
Do you have big family get togethers ever? No.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope. ^^
If so, are you in love with them? N/A
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Most romantic thing they've ever done for you? N/A
Do you have a crush? Yup.
If so, are you in love? N/A
Do they know you like them? No... and never shall I tell whom it is!
Is it serious or playful? meh.
How long have you liked them? A while...
Ever done something stupid to impress them? Nah.
Have you ever experienced unrequited love? No.
Do you find it romantic or hurtful? N/A
Even know what it is? Yes.

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Do you have a religion? I'm Lutheran...
Do you practice it? ie: Go to church?... no?
Do you believe in God? Yup.
Jesus? Yup.
Satan? Yop.
Heaven? Mm-hmm.
Hell? Yeah.
If you died tomorrow, what do you beleive will happen to you? I'll come back in spirit form to haunt and torture many peoples for the rest of their miserable little lives! ^^
Does death scare you? Sometimes...

Have you ever been drunk? No
Taken drugs? No
Stolen? Nuuu.
Shoplifted? Nuuu.
Tried to commit suicide? No
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Have you been a hypocrite in the past? Yes...
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? Open mind.

Do you watch tons of TV? Some...
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? Several
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Do you read magazines? Not really...
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Do you use the internet too much? Fair bit...

What's your fave style of music? Anime/JPOP/Light stuff
Do you play an instrument? Piano - Grade 10 - Royal Conservatory of Music!
Do you sing? Badly...
Whats your fave band? Masami Okui (Singer not band)
Why? I like their songs.
Have you met them before? I wish!
Name 3 CDs that you've bought in that last year. I only burn mine now..
Why did you buy them? N/A.

What's your fave sport? Badminton/Skiing
What's your fave sport to watch? Tennis
Do you have a fave team of any sort? Nope
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Ever won anything for sport? Never in my lifetime...

Are you funny or serious? I'm funny, but I can be serious.
Creative or not? Creative.
Logical thinker or lateral thinker? Logical, I guess.
Are you outgoing or shy? Outgoing around people I know. Shy around those I don't
Are you lazy or active? I'm quite active, actually. Surprise, surprise? Even though I'm online most of the time, I'm usually idling, doing something else.
Have you ever been hyperactive? Haha, soo many times.
Are you a naturally hyperactive person? Yup.

Are you happy with the way you look? No.
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Do you wear makeup regularly? Do you even perhaps think that I'm a guy?!
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Ever tripped in front of someone you liked? Haha!!!! Let's count the times?
Ever said soemthing really stupid? >_> Everything I say is stupid.
Ever snorted while laughing? Yes... *sigh*
Ever fallen off a bed? XD Yeah.
Ever sleepwalked? Nope!
Ever sleeptalked? Occasionally...

What's your best memory? I dunno...
Worst? Blarg...
What's the wierdest memory you have? Uhm. Not sure. I have a lot...
Do you have a good memory? It's meh... though I have a tgendency to forget things constantly and easily. ^^"
What's the coolest holiday you remember having? Going to Tokyo!

Ever had funny thoughts and laughed yet no one understood you? XD Yeah.
What's the first thought that comes to your head when you hear these names?:
Melissa: Who in the what now?
Bob: Gay guy trying to rape Stephanie...
Alyssa: Who?
Jess: The girl I stole this from...
Brian: ???
Charlie: Charlie Brown.
Olivia: Olivia Newton John. **!
Drew: Drew Carey?... *shudders*
Lily: Stupid wonderful at everything girl...
Anita: ???
What's the first thought that comes to your head while hearing these words?:
Cheese: Yum!
Rubber: Bounging balls!
Clothes: My closet.
Big: Buildings?
Dress: I don't wear them!
Jacket: The one I have...?
Polyester: Eeeeeww!
Kite: My kite!
Washing: Clean.

Okay... I haven't updated in forever and then some, but I'm tired right now and I don't want to think about it... I'm going with my dad, however, to Lake Louise where he has an oil conference, but I'm just tagging along for the freebees, and the rest... That and I REALLY need to kick some ass on the finals when the results come in.. but the chances of that in math are?.... *can't do math to figure that out*... meh... ciao

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Nyarg... [28 Dec 2002|09:47pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Nyarg... that is all I can say about right now...

I updated my icon, and changed the layout!!! Isn't it purdyful? I love the little dotted border and the girl with the cross... I know it's a little too purple... but meh... The background's from the anime Pita-Ten and the icon's from the PS game Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, a favourite game of mine ^^

I really would love to update with a long list of everything that has happenned up to this point in my life, but I simply can't! I am bogged down by everything! I have to do my stupid da's company website update, I have to write all these old invoices for my work for my dad and I have to do this stupid "Weather Systems" project that I was assigned by my stupid science teacher... nonetheless, I'm very VERY stressed right now, and I'm just pulling my hair out, because I just wna to relaz and have fun, but I just can't, so I'm usually sitting at my computer the whole day, not accomplishing much because I'm too worried about all the junk I have to do... *sigh* Anywhoo... I'm bored and I'm dumbfounded by all this work.... I hate this... I AM GOING NUTS!!!!!

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year NYO!!!!!!!! [25 Dec 2002|04:12pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]



Today is Christmas!!!! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I love Christmast nyo!

Okay.... I don't really feel like writing too much right now... so I'll just recount all the events some other year nyo!!!!!!


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I AM THE RE-GIFTER!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! [16 Dec 2002|10:39pm]
[ mood | content ]

More about the title several years later...

Now... the evil posty-post of DOOM!!!!!!

Okay... I know I haven't posty-posted anything in forever and then some, but meh, I'm uber busy... what can you say? Anyways... so I'm just going to recount random events (in no apparrent order) and YOU WILL READ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

OKay... the first thing was Pseudo-Christmas!!! That was last Wednesday... In the morning, Jamie, Oshi, Jason and I decided to run our pseudo-Christmas (from here on in called PC because it's waaaaayyy to hard to spell out ever time ^^) and we exchanged gifts. I went earlier to buy gifts for them all (and to tell them what I wanted ^^) and they didn't get me many things I wanted... aaaaakkkkk! I got a wierd little Chinese cat statue thingy with a bell from Jason (it's really cool!) and I got a teddy bear in a coffee mug from Oshi... (odd but still kawaii!) and some wierd stupid dinosaur thing from Jamie along with an Oh! My Goddess manga (joy for the manga!) I was kinda pissed about the dinosaur, because I specifically asked for nothing stuffed! But did anyone listen? Nooooooooooo! So I guess that'll go in the re-gifting pile. ^^" anyways... I got Oshi a lot of cookies and chocolate (she said I was trying to fatten her up... which is true because I'm always saying she needs to eat more ^^") and I got Jason this really cool glass fish paperweight with the scene of the ocean inside the fish. and I got Jamie a CC Sakura: Master of the Clow manga... Damnit... why did I get her such a great gift for such a craptacular gift in return? Because I'm goddamn nice that's why!!!!! *gets angry* Anyways... it was a huge success and very VERY fun!

On Thursday, Corey came over after school to work of the research for our Model UN (United Nations) club thing. We got Macedonia (c'mon peoples!) and I was relavtively pissed off... (boy I'm swearing a lot tonight... meh... I just don't feel like capping my swears into my heart) Anways... we had a really great time and it was pretty fun! We researched a lot for the first little while, and we memorized a lot of interesting facts about the country! After that... we went a laughed our heads off at Engrish and then he went home... (awww no... lol)

On Friday we had some wierd meeting with the Model UN teacher for our country (I swear he has a voice problem because he keeps going up and down annoyingly *sigh*) and we taught him a lot about it! ^^" Anyways... it was pretty interesting.

Also on Friday... Syliva (a girl from my French class) asked me out in a letter she gave to me... OMG! It was such a sad letter... she seemed so deperate... *sigh* I got kinda saddenned by it, especially since I've decided to tell her that I won't go out with her. You see... there are several reasons as to why I would do that...

1. I'm not looking to date anyone right now

2. She is not my type of person (as nice as she is)

I just have to figure out how to break it to her... *sighs* it's quite hard, and I don't want to hurt her feelings. I really don't want her to hate me for the rest of my life, and I don't want it to be awkward during French... *sigh*

Anyways... on Saturday I went to Chinese school after skipping on this stupid Children's Company X-mas party my dad had. The entire party was a bunch of kids running around screaming stupid loser things. *sigh* But anyways... we had more fun learning bpmf (han yu ping ying - and for those of you who don't know what it is... IM me and I'll tell you if you REALLY want to know) and we also had our mid-term test. I think that the teacher got really annoyed with me, because she siad that the test would take about an hour and I finished it in 15 minutes! ^^"

Anyways... at break time Stephalofogus (I love calling her that even though she hated it) and I went to McD's where I got my evil salted fries of choking doom! They were so salty that when we first tried them, we broke out choking and coughin... everyone at sev (7-11) was staring at us... it was funny! And then Steph ate some more because of her sore throat (mwahahaha) and then we returned them to the place, and the manager yelled at the girl making fries... poor girl... anyways... after that we talked about manga and Gorby (my new stupid nickname) and we were bored and all...

On Sunday I don't remember what I did... *sigh* it's like I was struck with amnesia...

Today I went to French hoping to clear up the stuff with Syliva.. but she wasn't there... I al;so got called "gay" many MANY times by goddman fucking Andy!!!! (gonna kill him with grapefruit...)

I really find it annoying how people just say to people that their "gay" or that this is "gay" It really gets on my nerves! I mean come on! Even if you aren't gay... it doesn't mean that everyone else isn't (BTW I'm not gay) but I find it annoying when people insult people based on things that they cannot help! I mean... stupid losers...I think that Andy's just insecure about himself...

Anyways... everything besides that was good today... minus corey making me get his lunch for him because he had a Financial Managment exam over lunch, and I had to wait for 30 stupid minutes to get his stupid pizza!!!!!!

Tonight I got to go to a special screening for the new movie "Two Weeks Notice"! It was really good and I liked it, and I would suggest most people to go see it!


But... just to tell you how I got in... I registered my dad for this "at work network" thing for a local radio station called Lite 96 CHFM... anyways... my dad won this gift basket and we got all this cool stuff, and the moview passes were there too!

Needless to say... my life isn't too bad right now and I'm feeling content with myself... That is so good! I lvoe the world right now! lol... that feeling will be gone by tomorrow! Ciao!

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Blah [13 Dec 2002|04:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Pointless survey... *sigh* I'm too tired to write anything with any meaning to it...


Age: 15
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 (I know it sounds bad... but it really isn't...)
Measurements: -Coughs- >>;UNKNOWN
Ever had cosmetic surgery? NO!
Clothing size: Large/Medium
Shoe size: 10-11
Race: Heritage: Canadian/Chinese
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Very very short and bushy
Is your hair dyed? Nah uh.
Is your hair permed? Nope
Hair extensions? eeeeeeeew no!
Hair weave? Hair weave...??
Eye color: Brown.
Glasses? Er, yeah. >_>;
Tinted contacts? A little bit more green to bring out the green in my eyes.
Do you have long nails?Nope
Acrylic nails? XD Hell no.
Skin color: Normal? (whiteish?)
Do you moisturize? Yeah...Nobody wants to be a dry prune!
Waxed or plucked eyebrows? Neither
Braces? Used to.
Pierced ears? Nopte
Tan in tanning beds? >_> No. I burn on contact with UV rays.... *sigh*
Tan in the sun? Nopte... BURN
Do you wear sunblock? Yes.... SPF 50+... and I STILL BURN!
Do you smoke? NEVER!!!!
Do you drink coffee or tea? Tea, yeah. Like, every week.


Clothing: Anything I like.
Shoes: Nike runners
Handbags: Nope
Makeup: NO!
Jewelry: A gold Chinese chain thingy that I hardly ever wear... (18 K) ^^


Over all style: Mix-n-Match. Some preppy...
Wardrobe colors: All colours - mainly neutral colours though... nothing really bright.
Shirts: T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, etc.
Pants: Jeans, Khakis moe that I can't name because I don't know what they're called...
Shorts: Nu. Hate theeeem. @@;
Skirts: If I wore them I'd be cross-dressing... O.O
Dresses: NO
Shoes: runners, sandals, hiking boots, snow boots, snow shoes (yup!), slip-ons, dress shoes.... etc.
Jewelry: You already asked that dumbass!
Makeup: NO
Perfume: I can't stand perfume/cologne... it makes my nose get stuffed up and my head feel dizzy...


What turns you on: Nice people? I like nice, funny girls, ones with similar tastes to me. They CANNOT smoke, drink (excessively), do drugs, or any other bad thing. I like nice people! ^^ - angels and deons preferred... lol... inside joke

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Pneumonoultramicroscopicsiliconevolcanoconiousis [04 Dec 2002|08:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Okay... I don't really feel like writing much right now, so you get oodles of random quizzes! JOY!

What's YOUR Writing Style?

brought to you by Quizilla

Apparently, I'm Going To Heaven...

Take The After-Death Destination Quiz
Another (baka) quiz made by Kourin

See what drug you are.

Imma cute water pixie~!

Stalk bunnywunny_~!

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mr Do.I am Mr Do.

I am sedentary by nature, enjoying passive entertainment, eating when the mood takes me, and playing with my food. I try to avoid conflict, but when I'm angered, I can be a devil - if you force me to fight, I will crush you. With apples. What Video Game Character Are You?

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Pointy Princess Hat.I am a Pointy Princess Hat.

I am an innocent, and believe that everything should be provided for me. I am rather self-conscious, and rarely let my hair down, except perhaps for a handsome prince or beautiful princess. What Sort of Hat Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

Umm... yeah... that's about it for tonight... ^^"
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